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    Welcome to the IEEE Industry Connection "Digital Resilience" Wiki Space

    Here you find details on the structure and activities of the IEEE SA Industry Connection Digital Resilience (IEEE IC DR). The Activity Initiation Document (ICAID) was officially approved on 8 October 2020.


    Digital resilience has recently been elevated as a global priority for governments, development agencies, institutions, businesses, and society at large due to the vital and versatile role technology is playing to support the COVID-19 pandemic’s response, recovery, and rebuilding efforts.

    This Industry Connections program focuses on the development of a framework that enables communities, villages, cities, regions, and countries to deploy architectures and select standardized technologies so they may address immediate and urgent needs during a crisis without sacrificing the long-term wellbeing and rights of people (their citizens, customers, and users) as a result of selecting a technology that will have negative impacts on privacy or agency. This important program resulted from the Building Digital Resilience for COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery Webinar Series that IEEE SA hosted in collaboration with eWorldwide Group.

    These efforts will help bridge the digital divide across and among countries at all levels to ensure that vulnerable communities with special needs are not left behind in a progressively digital world, where services and support are increasingly based on digital awareness, literacy, and access.



    IEEE IC Digital Resilience Structure

    The IEEE IC DR consists of the Executive Committee (ExeCom) and the following Sub-Committes (SCs):


    SMART Logistics and Supply Chain Digital Sovereignty, Trust and Social Media Digital Identity and Digital Inclusion
    Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion e-Health and Telemedicine Building Human Digital Resilience
    e-Resilience in Education


    Visit the Sub-Committe pages for details about activities and meetings.



    Current Activities

    Over summer 2021 we identified the following questions that clearly express our objectives, to drive current work and generate results:


    How do the regions / countries provide and process digital identities?

    Coordinated by SC Digital Identity and Digital Inclusion

    • Which standards and technologies are used for digital identities?
    • Which policies and regulations are defined in relation to digital identities, including access rights, data protection, privacy, data sharing, anonymisation, pseudonymisation?
      (E.g.  European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar legal frameworks)


    How do regions conduct digital financial transactions?

    Coordinated by SC Digital Economy and Financial Inclusion

    • How is data related to financial transactions handled ? What data goes where? Are there audit trails?
    • What standards are used for financial transactions?


    How do regions handle the trade of goods in the digital space?

    Coordinated by SC SMART Logistics and Supply Chain

    • What information is needed to describe goods and products?
    • How is information describing goods and products shared? What standards are used?
    • How are digital tools used in procurement?


    How can users build trust in the digital systems used in a region?

    Coordinated by SC Digital Sovereignty, Trust and Social Media

    • What information do users need to find out whether a digital system is trustworthy?
      How can regions provide terms and conditions, that users can easily understand and set up?
      How can we provide quality labels for digital systems, that allow users to quickly understand to what extent a digital system is trustworthy?
    • Are there gaps in existing regulations, that prevent users from trusting digital systems?


    How does your region handle digital Covid certificates? 

    Coordinated by SC e-Health and Telemedicine. Go there for information from EU, Austria, WHO.

    • Who issues digital Covid certificates in your region?
    • Which information is available on the certificate?
    • How are certificates used to enable access to specific services / events / rooms ...?
      • Which rules apply? e.g. Vaccinated and/or (PCR) tested and/or recovered?
      • How can you check the certificates?
      • Which standards are used to issue and check the certificates?
    • Are the certificates valid in other regions as well?


    Latest news

    A number of documents are in publication and in review, expected for publication in November and December 2021. Watch out for updates.


    Approved and published:




    Currenly under review :

    Resilient Education Systems Sub-Committee:

    IC Report: Resilience across the Education Ecosystem During the COVID-19 Pandemic      
    IC Report: Mapping of Key Initiatives Supporting Resilient Education Systems      
    IC Report: Comparative Analysis: e-Education Standards, Guidelines and Toolkits


    e-Health and Telemedicine Sub-Committee:

    IC Report: Overview and Insight: Performance of Digital Health Systems During Covid-19 Pandemic

    IC Report: Mapping of Key Digital Health Initiatives Building Resilience for Current and Future Pandemics 

    IC Report: Comparative Analysis: Existing Digital Health Standards, Guidelines and Toolkits for Pandemic Response


    Procedure & Policy

    This activity must operate according to approved policies and procedures (P&Ps). Especially, this activity follows the Abridged IC Activity P&Ps for individual-based activity. These can be found in the folder "Governance, Procedures, Templates, and Instructions"

    This activity follows the IEEE-SA Copyright Policy as specified in Section 7 "Copyright" of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Bylaws. Also see additional P&P resources and templates at the IEEE SA Resources for Industry Connections activities page.