802 Liaison List


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    IEEE 802 Liaison List




    Liaison: A cooperation, communication, or person(s) facilitating a close working relationship between organizations.


    Liaison may, in context, mean:


    - Liaison Relationship: A cooperation facilitating a close working relationship between organizations typically via Liaison Statements, Liaison Officials or Liaison Facilitators.

    - Liaison Statement: A communication intended to advance cooperation among organizations.

    - Liaison Official: A person designated to advance communications among organizations.

    Liaison Facilitator: A person, without any official designation, who participates in another organization as well as IEEE 802 to advance cooperation among the organizations



    IEEE 802 Liaisons

    IEEE 802 Working GroupLiaison OrganizationLiaison Org. WebsiteIEEE 802 Working Group Liaison RepresentativeType of Liaison
    802.13rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) RAN2 (Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3)Click HerenoneStatement
    802.13rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) RAN3Click HerenoneStatement
    802.13rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) SA2 - ArchitectureClick HerenoneStatement
    802.15G Alliance for Connected Industries and Automation (5G-ACIA)Click HerenoneStatement
    802.15G Automotive Association (5GAA)Click HerenoneStatement
    802.1ATISClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1AVNU AllianceClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1Broadband Forum (BBF)Click HerenoneStatement
    802.1CableLabsClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1CPRIClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1ECMA InternationalClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1EtherCAT Technology GroupClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1ETSIClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1GSMAClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1IEC - International Electrotechnical CommissionClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1IEC TC 65 SC65CClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1IEC TC 65 SC65C/WG15: High availability networksClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1IEC TC 65 SC65C/WG18: Time-sensitive networking for industrial automationClick HerenoneRelationship
    802.1IEEE 1588Click HerenoneRelationship
    802.1IEEE 1722Click HerenoneRelationship
    802.1IEEE 1905.1Click HerenoneStatement
    802.1IEEE 1914.3Click HerenoneRelationship
    802.1Innovative Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) Global ForumClick HerenoneStatement
    802.1Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)Click HerenoneRelationship
    802.1ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 6 Telecommunications and information exchange between systemsClick HerenoneRelationship
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